Happy Diwali and Happy New Year – To New Beginnings

Diwali, or Deepawali “The Festival of Lights”, for me is the mother of all festival’s in Hinduism. I would not know about others but for me on a personal level it is a festival that I looked forward to whole year, for me some of the main key points are:

  • Food (all the Indian Delicacies, sweets and snacks and the meals, sigh)
  • Fireworks (The colors, the sound)
  • Clothes
Some fireworks for the 2013 Diwali
Some fireworks for the 2013 Diwali

These are just some of the reasons for me. But then it is a festival of five days and these five days are all special in they own ways with religious significance to the Gujarati Community (Gujarat is a state in India on the East Coast, so people of that state are called Gujaratis). In Fiji Diwali is celebrated by one and all, it is not about it being a Hindu festival but more so that it is a Fiji Festival in which the whole country takes part.


This post is more personal, then insightful, but I felt that I needed to have this posted as Diwali is the most “AUSPICIOUS” of festivals and it just felt right that my first official post be posted on Diwali. Since it marks the beginning of the New Year, with new beginnings this post shall be my beginning in the world of blogging.

Also I would like to apologise here for this blog not having the full look and feel of the way a magazine blog should feel since I am new to this so please bare with me as I traverse the world of blogging and learn through trial and error to give you the full experience of my blog.


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