Rumbles and Mumbles

Sometimes, the task is not in how to write but what to write on, for the past week, I have been wrecking my brain to decide on topic to write on and then going to other posts and tips which are designed to help a blogger decide and write on a topic, or to say to put on path to start the mumbles and rumbles.

Thus from there some how I started coming  across pictures which highlight sunrise & sunsets and I got thinking that would there be inspirational and motivational quotes or sayings, how does it ring true and from the vibrancy of colours that we experience, are we able to  e relate to them,, thus this post and images and quotes which I felt best optimised Sunrise and Sunsets.

“Morning is not only Sun Rise….

But a beautiful miracle of Nature…..

That defeats Darkness…

And spreads Light……..”        

Source: Pratik Deoji Photography
Sunrise from a Suburb in Suva City

 Furthermore, yes it is totally true that mornings are just not about “Sun Rise” but on a more philosophical level they are about the beauty of nature, which after a dark night always brings rays of light which dispel darkness, and brings life forth. Therefore a sun rise is much more than a sun rise, but more a statement that there will always be new beginnings.

The same analogy could be applied to sunsets and the vibrancy with which “Sun Sets” happen, which again on a philosophical level signify that a day is about to end, and that one needs to rest and take a respite and take a inward journey to take stock of the day that happened and the valuable lessons that were learnt.

“The sunrise is Gods greeting – the sunset, his signature”

Sunset in Fiji
Sunset in Fiji

 Therefore it should be opportune for one and all to take this opportunity and take stock , enjoy the brilliance and vibrancy of sunrise and sunsets, and enjoy the play of colours that mother nature has in store for us.


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