Let’s Stop Pretending There’s a Love Triangle in ‘Harry Potter’

I have always been a fan of the Harry Potter series and I was always happy as the Author of this post that Harry Potter did not have “Love” Triangle per say as the Twilight ( and yes I have read the whole series). Imagine the shock of me reading that J.K Rowling in an upcoming interview stated that there is a triangle and one asks who is ardently of the belief that Ron and Hermione make a perfect couple, with her wittiness and his awkwardness.
But seems, things and my perception are about be changed as is highlighted in the following blog post, when the full interview comes out sometime in next few weeks.


In an excerpt from her upcoming interview in Wonderland magazine, J.K. Rowling revived a debate that should have died a long time ago: Should Hermione date Ron or Harry? While the full print version of the interview comes out next week, it’s already being reported that Rowling calls Harry and Hermione “a better match”:

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