Finding Inspiration

A truly interesting read on Fashion Icons and Styles that is embodied by icons who are successful in they field of choosing, thus, no matter, who we are, what our aspirations, we all should strive to be able to dress and reflect our lifestyle.

The Practical Manual for Men's Style

When walking on the streets, or around campus, a lot of different clothes and styles catch my eye. Thanks to the internet, we now have access to a variety of clothing and style options beyond our environment. When looking for different styles and outfit inspiration for my own wardrobe, one thing that I love doing is looking back at celebrity style icons throughout history as well as the modern ones. It’s always interesting to see what used to be in style, as well as what comes back. Some of you may already notice characters from films or television because of how they dress, or maybe you have never even considered their wardrobes. With that said, I’ll bet you’d be surprised at how style icons can single-handedly bring something into style, and maybe even be held responsible for something in your closet. Here’s a look at some of my favorites.


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