Man Bags

Man Bags, have started to become a trending option, for Males all over. There are just so many options available, nowadays it not just ladies who have the choice to select bags, but the trend has changed to the opposite sex of males as well, with side bags, totes, briefcases and many more options to choose from. The following post is just one a great post on what is available out there for people.

Style Me Manly


The evolution of the “man bag”.  We are now living in an age where men are carrying bags quite regularly.  I’m all for this.  Why because I hate having my blazer or jeans stuffed full of items.  We are also professionals on the whole, so whether you are carrying a notepad or a laptop… chances are you need a bag.

You just need to know what your style is.

I personally wouldn’t be able to carry a clutch, though I see them becoming increasingly popular… who knows, maybe if I see the right one I will carry it.  But there are may varieties… Totes, Duffles, Slings… you need to find one that accentuates your masculinity and makes you feel comfortable.


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