Fiji Fashion Week – Established Designers Opinion on the Collections

Fashion Opinion(Note – All Designers name are linked to Fiji Fashion Week facebook page album, so you can check out the designs and decide for yourself)

Fiji Fashion Week 2014 held it last show on Saturday 31st May, which showcased the work of established designers. As it would be, there were some designs that really made me appreciate the hard work of the designers and then some designers just confused me. I am not saying that I am well versed in fashion, or that  not all designs would be loved by all, and not all combinations would work, it’s just that my expectations were that since this was the Established designers showcasing they work, there would be a wow factor, which was truly missing for me. As stated before some were really wonderful, from the likes of Rachel Fairfax, Samal Singh, Hupfeld Hoerder, and E2 by Anton Conway Wye and Alex Ligairi, who were truly my favourites for the night. Some of my favourites for the night and some of my not so favourites.:

  • Robert Kennedy – it was a totally beautiful and unique collection, it was truly fashion in paradise moment, with his collection.
  • RFX by Rachel Fairfax – the colours, the bold designs, just screamed that I am a designer who is willing to experiment.
  • E2 by Anton Conway Wye & Alex Ligairi – this was play of colours and patterns, with daring designs and combinations. A truly wonderful experience full of making a mark as designers.
  • huudaverti by Christine Evans & Jan Evans – this was a collection that just did not meet my expectations. Some might have found appealing to they taste buds but I did not.
  • Mena – Beautiful prints and simple patterns, this was a collection that showcased, the way patterns and prints work.
  • Stylopsophy Fiji Creations by Ana Rabuka – this collection was very confusing to me, in terms that there were some pieces that I really appreciated and some that just had to many things going. So overall, it was a mixture of pleasing and non pleasing items.
  • Lepou by Fai Lepou Peni – why there were gleaming stones, in this collection it is a mystery to me. The colour choices also did not appeal to me, and overall, it just was not something I expected.
  • Essence of Pacific by Michael Mausio – I found the collection a tad too simple, it somehow felt that the collection, was just missing something more to elevate it, although it was not a collection which was missing its mark in terms of choice of colours and prints.
  • HupfeldHoerder by Hupfeld Hoerder – this was a collection that was truly vintage, yet truly awesome. I totally loved the white ensembles. It was just so divine.
  • Lara by The Samal Singh – A very wonderful and sweet collection, the patterns were neat, and the colours were well chosen, we would like to see more colours and less of black in terms that black binding and black underlays for some garments, it was wonderful to see to such vividness in your choice of patterns and cuts.
  • 8 Mountains by Moira Solvalu – John – this was a collection which had selections for plus size women , and some items for men’s wear. The prints were Pacific inspired. There couple of pieces that really stood out for me and some were just missing the mark.
  • Mataka by Nazia Ali – this was simple, classic, and elegant, the colour palette was colourful, with beautiful prints reminiscent of Pacific feel, but it just felt that, I wanted to see more.
  • Jean Ragg – I just wanted to say, I do not like to see religious prints on the runway. Its just doesn’t feel to have religious icons on runaway, and yet when the designs are not even remotely hippie oriented for me.
  • Hefrani by Aisea Konrote – I just have to say I just liked few pieces and the show stopper, apart from that it just did not speak to me.



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