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It is that time of the year when Gujarati’s world over get ready to celebrate Navratri (Nine Nights), which is when garba is performed by dancing around a earthen pot of diya (candle) or image or idol of the Goddess Durga, who is lovingly referred to as Mataji.

Durga Maa, with explaination on her form
Durga Maa, with explaination on her form

Over the years, Garba has become universal in the sense that it’s not just Gujaratis who celebrate it but, festivals of Garba are held for the purpose of one and all coming together to celebrate garba.

“Garba” originates from the word “Garbo”, which is a earthen pot, with a lighted diya placed inside. Thus during Navratri, this earthen pot with the diya inside is placed in centre of the dancing area with images and idols of Goddess and people dance around it in circles.

Furthermore according to Parthiv Gohil on his YouTube channel states that “Garbo” as a word has root linkage to Sanskrit word for womb “Garbha” so thus implies life, and in a traditional context when the dance was performed around clay lantern with diya inside it was called Garbha Deep, which represented the feminine form of divinity. According to a Stanford University page, which explains beautifully the representation of doing Garba doing in Circles

” the dancers symbolize that God is also the center of their lives. The circle formation itself also has additional significance. The circle formed by dancers represents the cycle of life and its never-ending nature, tenets of the Hindu belief of reincarnation. The dance form of Garba is characterized by its fluidity, grace, flexibility, and synchronous clapping of hands to supplement the music.”

Garba in Motion
Garba in Motion

Another anecdote of Garba is the battle which took place between the demon “Mahishasur” and Goddess “Durga” a battle which took place for Nine Nights , on the tenth day Durga emerged victorious from the battle, which signifies the triumph of good over evil. Continue reading Garba


Music Thought – Kodaline

It is said that music is food for soul, and that is truly and well said, so today I am not going to write a big post about, music this and music that, but rather just do a list of songs that I have on my playlist and I never tire of listening.

It may also be said that I have a very eclectic taste in music since I love golden classics more than music of my era, and that I listen to English music very rare and if and when I do it just so happens to differ from what my comrades would like to hear. But since last year I have been introduced to an Irish band called the Kodaline, whose songs I apparently have on repeat mode.

Apparently it has so happened that one of my favorites has also been done for the version of original sound track for the movie “The Fault in Our Stars”

Below are some of my favorite songs that are sung by the group and hope you enjoy them as much as I do as well. Listen to this songs and see if your days feel brighter.

  • Brand New Day


  • Love Like This

  • All I want

  • Lose Your Mind

Industrial Ecology and Symbiosis – Importance, Mechanism and Challenges


The expansion of economic activity in recent decades has been accompanied by growing environmental concerns on a global level. These include climate change, energy security and increasing resource scarcity.

Since Manufacturing industries account for a significant part of the world’s consumption of resources and energy, and generation of waste, the need for sustainable manufacturing and eco-industry has sprung in order to shift the track of economic growth into a green one. Manufacturing industries have the potential to become a driving force for realizing a sustainable society by introducing efficient production practices and developing products and services that help reduce negative impacts on the environment. This, however, requires the adoption of business approaches that place high emphasis on environmental and social aspects as well as economic concerns.

Such practices include the establishment of industrial ecosystems that aim to reduce pollution and waste, use energy efficiently, reach sustainable development as well as…

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Inspiration Days – Learning to Adopt to Newness

It has been many days, since we came to have a inspirational day and thus today seems ideal to have a inspirational day. So there would be less of me, inspiring but rather I would just let few sayings and quotes do the speaking, and then see, how inspired we get with Christmas coming closer to.

As the year is winding up it becomes important, that we start to look back at the year start calculating and relating to things what we have gained and what we need to gain with the coming year.  As the saying below aptly states we just sometimes have to accept that things are happening for a very valid reason and just accept it.


Over here we can see the some life rules, and we need to again take a seat back, look whether we are doing any of this or any what we can incorporate into this or not.


Finally, something we all need to try and see how we do it, and this shall be the parting words and food for thought.


25 of the Best Bags, Sunglasses and More Accessories From NYFW Street Style

Something for everybody in fashion world is presented at the NEW YORK Fashion Week. #NYFW

Vee Travels


New York Fashion Week street style is the best to spot out things you can get now. Finishing up my street style coverage from this spring/summer 2015 presentation season, here’s the best bags, sunnies and other accessories I spotted at fashion week:


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