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Book Thoughts – “2 States – The Story of my Marriage”

Sometimes when we read books we become totally enamoured by it and that is what I felt when I started to read “2 States – The Story of my Marriage” by Chetan Bhagat.

A simple love story of two people in love but with hurdles to cross as is the norm for love stories to work. What good is a love story if there is not some drama to coat it with. Krish and Ananya two souls in love but bound by the timeless rules of Indian marriage rules for those in love, since many a times when you are Indian you have been reminded that marriages are not just between two people but it is a culmination of joining of two families, you don’t marry the person but you marry the family and thus families become joined.

The fact just mentioned has been proven time and again through the overly melodramatic Indian tv shows and widely loved movies from the Indian film industry . Being in love sometimes can be difficult as has been proven numerous times by numerous authors and also immortalised by numerous movies, but then when was something as awesome love going to be easy as a walk in the park.

So after I finished the book what struck me most was the contrast in the behaviour of people and the values and lifestyles of people in a country which was so diverse. The Punjabis were shown to be very loud and rude and money minded and the Tamils were shown to be totally opposite. Are these quirks and observations really true according to Bhagat I cannot say. But what I was able to really relate to and enjoy was the love that Krish and Ananya had for each other and the extent to which both were trying to keep the happiness of their parents and do right to them.

Thus when one starts to read the book, it captures your interest with simplicity of the language. It does not go into details of weather, or scenery or mundane details of how things should look and feel from the protagonist point of view. The book starts from a flashback and then moves to present, taking you on a journey of Inter Caste/State love story based in India.

This book has truly been a wonderful experience to read, and I would suggest it as a good read for those days when you are in a mood to stay in and listen to the soft patter of rain falling with Old Hindi Classics in background and then you enter in the world of Krish and Ananya.


10 Books That Changed The World… For Better or Worse – Word Porm

10 Books That Changed The World… For Better or Worse – Word Porm.

This a very interesting read, on books, which have mapped what is today, some might agree and some might disagree with the list, so if you feel you agree or disagree, then feel free to make comments and share your thoughts and opinions on why ?

Let’s Stop Pretending There’s a Love Triangle in ‘Harry Potter’

I have always been a fan of the Harry Potter series and I was always happy as the Author of this post that Harry Potter did not have “Love” Triangle per say as the Twilight ( and yes I have read the whole series). Imagine the shock of me reading that J.K Rowling in an upcoming interview stated that there is a triangle and one asks who is ardently of the belief that Ron and Hermione make a perfect couple, with her wittiness and his awkwardness.
But seems, things and my perception are about be changed as is highlighted in the following blog post, when the full interview comes out sometime in next few weeks.


In an excerpt from her upcoming interview in Wonderland magazine, J.K. Rowling revived a debate that should have died a long time ago: Should Hermione date Ron or Harry? While the full print version of the interview comes out next week, it’s already being reported that Rowling calls Harry and Hermione “a better match”:

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Books and Me

To mark my first entry into the books I read, I shall do a disclaimer that, just because I am guy does not mean that I have a certain genre that I should always be reading. I feel books are to be read, if they have good plotline, interesting characters, and the list can go on and on.

Thus over time, you would see postings from me on about books I love and the reason why I love them, characters that I have come to admire and feel with, stories which have the ability to transfer me to a different place and so the list shall continue.

Over the years there have been many books that I have read and many books I have picked and read repeatedly, one series that I have read quite a number of times have been the “The Harry Potter Series”, I believe I was in my late teens or early twenties, so you may guess my age currently, when I got hooked on the series, and till now I love to read the series. My all time favourites in the series are the first and the last books.

I personally believe that J.K Rowling did a marvellous job in bringing the world of magic and muggles to life.

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Apart from J.K Rowling, I have a few other authors whose works I love to read and I consider some of their titles to be my favourite readings and they are Raymond E. Feist, David Eddings, James Patterson, Jhumpa Lahiri, and the list can go on and but these are the some names whose works I have read and appreciated.

When it comes to books and the books read, sometimes it becomes hard to keep track of the authors and the books, since there are just so many of them out there, but then we as readers have to appreciate the fact that these people actually have the creativity to bring life to characters on paper, but well these days it’s not paper but MS Word , which is used to bring characters to life.

But kudos to these writers, who take the time to create the plot lines, the stories, the characters, the towns, the cities, the friendships, and the real life moments that we relate to and grow to love or hate or fear and myriad of human emotions that we deal with.