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Industrial Ecology and Symbiosis – Importance, Mechanism and Challenges


The expansion of economic activity in recent decades has been accompanied by growing environmental concerns on a global level. These include climate change, energy security and increasing resource scarcity.

Since Manufacturing industries account for a significant part of the world’s consumption of resources and energy, and generation of waste, the need for sustainable manufacturing and eco-industry has sprung in order to shift the track of economic growth into a green one. Manufacturing industries have the potential to become a driving force for realizing a sustainable society by introducing efficient production practices and developing products and services that help reduce negative impacts on the environment. This, however, requires the adoption of business approaches that place high emphasis on environmental and social aspects as well as economic concerns.

Such practices include the establishment of industrial ecosystems that aim to reduce pollution and waste, use energy efficiently, reach sustainable development as well as…

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Inspiration Days – Learning to Adopt to Newness

It has been many days, since we came to have a inspirational day and thus today seems ideal to have a inspirational day. So there would be less of me, inspiring but rather I would just let few sayings and quotes do the speaking, and then see, how inspired we get with Christmas coming closer to.

As the year is winding up it becomes important, that we start to look back at the year start calculating and relating to things what we have gained and what we need to gain with the coming year.  As the saying below aptly states we just sometimes have to accept that things are happening for a very valid reason and just accept it.


Over here we can see the some life rules, and we need to again take a seat back, look whether we are doing any of this or any what we can incorporate into this or not.


Finally, something we all need to try and see how we do it, and this shall be the parting words and food for thought.


Inspirational Days – Patience is Rewarded


Image Thursday

Sometimes, we have to always remind ourselves that every time something happens, it always happens for a reason. What we want and what we wish for does not happen overnight or instantly, it can happen, anytime, anywhere.  Therefore it is important for us to always have patience and when we least expect it we shall be rewarded.

Thursday Quote 4

Inspirational Days

Tuesday Quote 2

Sometimes it is easy to get in a rut, and not  be the normal jubilant person we need to be, so starting from this Thursday we would try to pick a random weekday which would become  Inspirational days where we would highlight and showcase quotes and sayings or pictures from the around the world, some might be anonymous, and some  maybe from famous people, and try to put it into our effect in our daily schedules.

But the important factor would be the drive to become a better and bigger person. As the saying goes, by Alexander Pope, “to err is human, to forgive divine”. I sometimes think that we are our own enemies at the best of times. How many times we give advice to our families and friends and how many times do we follow our own wisdom. Well that could be a debate topic on its own.

Tuesday Quote 3

But for now let us just concentrate on the three inspirational quotes and try put them into practice this whole week and see how we feel.

Tuesday Quote 1