meraki landscape

Since I have started my blog, there have been many a times I have been asked what does Meraki mean and the one of the strangest comments was where someone thought Meraki was name of a person. Which the person described to as Meera & Ki thus Patel became one word, Meera another and Ki and extra and we all know what corner is. So it sounded like that PatelMerakiCorner was actually Patel and Meera’s Corner in simple terms, but that is not the case.

Therefore I shall endeavour or to succinctly say I would try to do justice to the Greek language and not do a total blunder as sometimes is prone to happen, when we do not have a good grasp of a subject matter. Being not a linguist or an authority on Greek language.

This blog is about trying to tap into my writing side and see how I can evolve and use this blog constructively to write and talk about things that I just feel like thus the magazine feel to it. I personally felt that Meraki describes the effort that I would place in the content for this blog therefore the use of Meraki in the name. I do hope that as time passes, I am able to achieve what I have set out to with this and see how much creativity, love and soulfulness, the blog has garnered through my writing on things that I have loved to write on.


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Its about things that I love to talk and discuss about and I feel passionate about.

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