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Inspiration Days – Learning to Adopt to Newness

It has been many days, since we came to have a inspirational day and thus today seems ideal to have a inspirational day. So there would be less of me, inspiring but rather I would just let few sayings and quotes do the speaking, and then see, how inspired we get with Christmas coming closer to.

As the year is winding up it becomes important, that we start to look back at the year start calculating and relating to things what we have gained and what we need to gain with the coming year.  As the saying below aptly states we just sometimes have to accept that things are happening for a very valid reason and just accept it.


Over here we can see the some life rules, and we need to again take a seat back, look whether we are doing any of this or any what we can incorporate into this or not.


Finally, something we all need to try and see how we do it, and this shall be the parting words and food for thought.



Inspirational Days – Patience is Rewarded


Image Thursday

Sometimes, we have to always remind ourselves that every time something happens, it always happens for a reason. What we want and what we wish for does not happen overnight or instantly, it can happen, anytime, anywhere.  Therefore it is important for us to always have patience and when we least expect it we shall be rewarded.

Thursday Quote 4

Inspirational Days

Tuesday Quote 2

Sometimes it is easy to get in a rut, and not  be the normal jubilant person we need to be, so starting from this Thursday we would try to pick a random weekday which would become  Inspirational days where we would highlight and showcase quotes and sayings or pictures from the around the world, some might be anonymous, and some  maybe from famous people, and try to put it into our effect in our daily schedules.

But the important factor would be the drive to become a better and bigger person. As the saying goes, by Alexander Pope, “to err is human, to forgive divine”. I sometimes think that we are our own enemies at the best of times. How many times we give advice to our families and friends and how many times do we follow our own wisdom. Well that could be a debate topic on its own.

Tuesday Quote 3

But for now let us just concentrate on the three inspirational quotes and try put them into practice this whole week and see how we feel.

Tuesday Quote 1

Book Thoughts – “2 States – The Story of my Marriage”

Sometimes when we read books we become totally enamoured by it and that is what I felt when I started to read “2 States – The Story of my Marriage” by Chetan Bhagat.

A simple love story of two people in love but with hurdles to cross as is the norm for love stories to work. What good is a love story if there is not some drama to coat it with. Krish and Ananya two souls in love but bound by the timeless rules of Indian marriage rules for those in love, since many a times when you are Indian you have been reminded that marriages are not just between two people but it is a culmination of joining of two families, you don’t marry the person but you marry the family and thus families become joined.

The fact just mentioned has been proven time and again through the overly melodramatic Indian tv shows and widely loved movies from the Indian film industry . Being in love sometimes can be difficult as has been proven numerous times by numerous authors and also immortalised by numerous movies, but then when was something as awesome love going to be easy as a walk in the park.

So after I finished the book what struck me most was the contrast in the behaviour of people and the values and lifestyles of people in a country which was so diverse. The Punjabis were shown to be very loud and rude and money minded and the Tamils were shown to be totally opposite. Are these quirks and observations really true according to Bhagat I cannot say. But what I was able to really relate to and enjoy was the love that Krish and Ananya had for each other and the extent to which both were trying to keep the happiness of their parents and do right to them.

Thus when one starts to read the book, it captures your interest with simplicity of the language. It does not go into details of weather, or scenery or mundane details of how things should look and feel from the protagonist point of view. The book starts from a flashback and then moves to present, taking you on a journey of Inter Caste/State love story based in India.

This book has truly been a wonderful experience to read, and I would suggest it as a good read for those days when you are in a mood to stay in and listen to the soft patter of rain falling with Old Hindi Classics in background and then you enter in the world of Krish and Ananya.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/chetanbhagat.fanpage?fref=photo
Source: https://www.facebook.com/chetanbhagat.fanpage?fref=photo


A interesting read on a person’s journey to spirituality and not eating animals and becoming a Vegetarian. Something to learn and becomes inspired from.


2pigs From Wikipedia Commons. http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:2pigs.jpg
By Titanium22

I got sober from drugs and alcohol in 2000. In the process of recovering I realized that from then on spirituality was going to be an important focus of my life—that it had to be, since the connection to a Higher Power was necessary to keep me sober and alive.

I didn’t realize that recovery would connect me to myself as well, to what was really inside me.

During the early part of my recovery I realized that spirituality could be an open field to play on. I grew up around Catholicism and I didn’t feel like it was that way at all when I was young. I realized that my Higher Power could be one of my own understanding—that I had a lot of room to explore.

So I started exploring. One day I was reading a passage written by a Buddhist monk…

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