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Inspiration Days – Learning to Adopt to Newness

It has been many days, since we came to have a inspirational day and thus today seems ideal to have a inspirational day. So there would be less of me, inspiring but rather I would just let few sayings and quotes do the speaking, and then see, how inspired we get with Christmas coming closer to.

As the year is winding up it becomes important, that we start to look back at the year start calculating and relating to things what we have gained and what we need to gain with the coming year.  As the saying below aptly states we just sometimes have to accept that things are happening for a very valid reason and just accept it.


Over here we can see the some life rules, and we need to again take a seat back, look whether we are doing any of this or any what we can incorporate into this or not.


Finally, something we all need to try and see how we do it, and this shall be the parting words and food for thought.



Inspirational Days

Tuesday Quote 2

Sometimes it is easy to get in a rut, and not  be the normal jubilant person we need to be, so starting from this Thursday we would try to pick a random weekday which would become  Inspirational days where we would highlight and showcase quotes and sayings or pictures from the around the world, some might be anonymous, and some  maybe from famous people, and try to put it into our effect in our daily schedules.

But the important factor would be the drive to become a better and bigger person. As the saying goes, by Alexander Pope, “to err is human, to forgive divine”. I sometimes think that we are our own enemies at the best of times. How many times we give advice to our families and friends and how many times do we follow our own wisdom. Well that could be a debate topic on its own.

Tuesday Quote 3

But for now let us just concentrate on the three inspirational quotes and try put them into practice this whole week and see how we feel.

Tuesday Quote 1

Rumbles and Mumbles

Sometimes, the task is not in how to write but what to write on, for the past week, I have been wrecking my brain to decide on topic to write on and then going to other posts and tips which are designed to help a blogger decide and write on a topic, or to say to put on path to start the mumbles and rumbles.

Thus from there some how I started coming  across pictures which highlight sunrise & sunsets and I got thinking that would there be inspirational and motivational quotes or sayings, how does it ring true and from the vibrancy of colours that we experience, are we able to  e relate to them,, thus this post and images and quotes which I felt best optimised Sunrise and Sunsets.

“Morning is not only Sun Rise….

But a beautiful miracle of Nature…..

That defeats Darkness…

And spreads Light……..”        

Source: Pratik Deoji Photography
Sunrise from a Suburb in Suva City

 Furthermore, yes it is totally true that mornings are just not about “Sun Rise” but on a more philosophical level they are about the beauty of nature, which after a dark night always brings rays of light which dispel darkness, and brings life forth. Therefore a sun rise is much more than a sun rise, but more a statement that there will always be new beginnings.

The same analogy could be applied to sunsets and the vibrancy with which “Sun Sets” happen, which again on a philosophical level signify that a day is about to end, and that one needs to rest and take a respite and take a inward journey to take stock of the day that happened and the valuable lessons that were learnt.

“The sunrise is Gods greeting – the sunset, his signature”

Sunset in Fiji
Sunset in Fiji

 Therefore it should be opportune for one and all to take this opportunity and take stock , enjoy the brilliance and vibrancy of sunrise and sunsets, and enjoy the play of colours that mother nature has in store for us.